S A R A   B E N N E T T
 Das Chamäleon unter den Sängerinnen

If you are already being looked after by an agency, we would ask you to process your request through them. Sara Bennett works with all registered agencies within the EU, professional processing is guaranteed in any case by every reputable artist and event agency. For all other inquiries, contacts, suggestions, criticism and praise, we would be pleased if you would use our contact form or write us a personal email.

Sara Bennett
Entertainment DeLux

Andrea Sener
2, Rue de Luxembourg
7540 Mersch

If you decide to contact us by phone, our Ms. Weckmann will take care of you on the phone with regard to performance dates, information, productions, press material etc.
Inquiries regarding vocal coaching are forwarded directly from Ms. Weckmann to Sara Bennett herself.

Anna-Lena Weckmann
00352 - 691 270 877
Email: info@sara-bennett.eu