S A R A   B E N N E T T
 Das Chamäleon unter den Sängerinnen

Sara Bennett

Free Your Voice and the Rest will follow !

"Luck gets bigger when you share it" - A motto of the musical Power Woman.

"For me personally it has always been the greatest happiness to be able to live my love for music in my job. I have always found that this is an absolute privilege.

For a few years it has been very important to me to share this incredible love and my many years of experience in voice training and entertainment with people who are passionate about singing like me.

Regardless of whether you already have experience or your are a very young beginner, regardless of your age, whether you are still going to school or already have grandchildren around you, I would like to work with you and your individual voice.

Crossing vocal boundaries with the help of the targeted use of professional singing technique, which were previously insurmountable for you.

I want to help you to free your wonderful voice with ease. Tailored to your individual needs and physiological systems.

Together we subject your voice to a wellness treatment, as people call it, and allow your soul a little relaxation. In times like these, this aspect is becoming more and more important and significant for people.

My voice training courses cover the areas of classical, pop and rock, you will later determine your personal focus on your own. Ideally, we will connect all the fascets together.

In addition to the necessary physical movements and the correct posture, the support of the tone, breathing, articulation and expression as well as the dramaturgy of a song are special focuses of my active teaching. How do I stand on stage as an interpreter? How do I present myself? And what do I want the people to feel if they watch and hear my singing.?

The lesson extends over a full hour (60 minutes), in which we work together on your technique and on your favorite songs that have been specially selected by you for this purpose.

I would like to mention in particular that I only offer hourly coaching, with no advance payment for a month or fixed course contracts. I believe that an obligation to pay due to a fixed contract is in contrast to the freedom that our music should generate. Singing shouldn't become a luxury. My student should have the opportunity to plan their lessons as they wish, in terms of their personal circumstances as well as financially. I don't want my students to come to the singing cours despite personal problems because it has already been paid for or because they are in a binding contract.
I exclude that for my lessons. A clear head in every respect is a blessing for our mood. And that's what we need.

I offer individual lessons as well as group lessons as well as voice training that supports the choir.

I look forward to you and your contact! In my shop I offer vouchers for one or two trial lessons. If you want to, bring a friend with you! Good is what makes you feel good.

Free your Voice – And the Rest will follow !"

From my heart,  Sara